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Thread: Electrical/Electronic and Mechanical Engineer for hire.

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    Electrical/Electronic and Mechanical Engineer for hire.

    Many years experience with Robotis products, numerous types of imaging hardware and software, and all sorts of electromechanical systems.

    I've been debating myself for quite some time whether to bring it up here, but the desperation is becoming overwhelming again. Among the personal projects that have been getting extensive design work for the last few weeks trying to take my mind off my long-term unemployed and soon to be flat-broke status:

    • star-networked, 10-channel, ~56Vdc LED controller for replacing all the 40+ year old fluorescent light fixtures in the basement with independently dimmable 'bulbs' magnetically attached to existing suspended ceiling frame
      • 16 Samsung LM561C LEDs in series per 'bulb' at <=150mA for up to ~1200 lumens each
      • Intended to be powered by 56V supply using 16S LiFePO4 backup pack (48~56V)
      • One wire for both half-duplex comms and ~12V controller power (GND, 12V/COMM, 56V)
      • All electrical connections using push-in, through-board connectors for clean and easy wiring
      • ATSAMD21E to utilize existing Arduino cores

    • servomotor in NEMA14 footprint with coreless BLDC motor, in-line 144:1 compound epicyclic gearhead, and ATSAMD21G (Arduino Zero) controller
      • Independent power supplies for motor (<=60V) and controller (12V~15V)
      • Magnetic absolute position encoder of output horn (Infineon TLV493D)
      • Low-side current sensing on all three phases (Allegro ACS711)
      • 34mm square by ~52mm long
        • four M3 mounting holes on a 26mm square on 34x34mm face to match NEMA14
        • multiple self-tapping M2x4mm mounting holes distributed along sides

      • Up to four SERCOM interfaces exposed
        • Current revision includes 3-pin TTL DXL, 4-pin RS-485 DXL, and two more UARTs with CAN transceiver ICs

      • Recently started working on alternative ATSAMD51G/E51J (Cortex-M4F at 120MHz) controller boards to ensure I can use a decent FOC algorithm to control the BLDC motor

    • small quad mech (fits within a 210x210x160mm box when stowed) based on 'Jameson' from GITS:SAC using NEMA14 servos fixed in the body and driving capstans to remotely control each DOF via dyneema tendons

    Also willing to part with Ripley - my slightly customized HROS-1 that I can rebuild into a stock HROS-1 with all electronics - as I have never made anywhere near as much progress on my gait engine as I had hoped.
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