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    I am a robot builder in search of a place to compete. I just got back from the Robo Games in California and I want to do more competitions in Chicago. I have found the local Critter Crunch and Robot Riot but I am looking for more sumo and combat. I am planning on hitting CIRC Bot Brawl in Peoria later in the year. Any other contests or interested builders in Chicago (Northern IL)?


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    Re: Robot Contests in Chicago

    Unfortunately, robot competitions are not super mainstream, so travel is often required.

    There are ComBots at AVC in Colorado in the fall:

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    Re: Robot Contests in Chicago


    I myself am from Chicago (NW suburbs) and do a bit of bot fighting myself!
    I run the YouTube channel KhanFlicks and have many humanoid robots from Nao to Super Anthony!

    Let me know now if you are interested

    my biggest hit is Robot Death Battle

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