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Thread: PhantomX Hexapod Boot Delay?

  1. PhantomX Hexapod Boot Delay?

    With the help of this board I built the PhantomX Hexapod and have used it several times a month. Recently I noticed a lag or delay (10+ seconds) to the bot "waking up" (legs move) form the time the toggle switch is flipped on.

    Is this normal? Am I now just impatient? Is it booting up?
    What should I check to fix the issue?



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    Re: PhantomX Hexapod Boot Delay?

    Which toggle switch? The power switch on the robot?

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    Re: PhantomX Hexapod Boot Delay?

    Is this still a standard setup with Arbotix-m board?

    What software?

    Is there something at the start of setup that is doing something like:
    while (!Serial && (millis() < 5000)) ;
    This says wait for 5 seconds or until the Serial port is available... Not sure how that works on Arbotix board...

    Maybe it is waiting for XBee to talk?

    Now if you updated the PhantomX to have some board like an RPI or the like controlling it, then could be boot up time

  4. Re: PhantomX Hexapod Boot Delay?

    Yes, the power switch

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