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Thread: Problem with the firmware of one Dynamixel

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    Re: Problem with the firmware of one Dynamixel

    You might also want to scan at 250000 bps, in case the register is using the old method, where bps == 2000000/(reg + 1)

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    Re: Problem with the firmware of one Dynamixel

    The 2.0 protocol has completely eliminated arbitrary baudrates in favor of a few common fixed rates. This is partly because they were never actually used by any significant portion of the userbase, but mostly because the ARM Cortex-M uses a drastically different method of calculating baudrate control register values than the ATmega88/ATmega2561.
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    Re: Problem with the firmware of one Dynamixel

    Hello everyone and thanks for answering!

    After trying and trying with all the advices that you have been giving me during these days the engine still does not work and we still can´t connect at a speed of 1Mbps. That is why we have called the store where we bought it, and since from a distance they have not been able to solve the problem either, we have sent them the engine so that they can see it.

    When they answer us and inform us of what is happening, I will let you know!

    Thank you very much!


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    Re: Problem with the firmware of one Dynamixel

    Hellow again!!

    Last week they called us from the store telling us that they also could not connect it either and they could not change the speed of data transmission, so that, as it was still under warranty, they sent us another one, which after having connected it has worked correctly.

    So, we do not know exactly what is happening to the servo... but well, at least we already have the other servo and we are still working on the robot!

    Thank you very much everyone for answering!


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