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Thread: The Machine an AX-12 based Phoenix

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    Quote Originally Posted by MYKL View Post
    The way it ticks/warps is really engaging. I've seen some lizards and insects move like that whilst trying to stay inconspicuously camoflauged. You've got the power to make those bursts longer/further and thus move faster. Is that your plan?

    Very cool.

    The ticks/ wraps wasn’t planed and was caused by that all the servos is moving at the same speed and the legs do not start to lift from the ground before the coxa reach its end position. I have now added that the speed is calculated dependent on distance it have moved and the time it have on it to move to its goal position and as you can see in the video below resulting in much smoother motion when waking.

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    The hexapod can now turn around its own y axis or circulate a point. A big thanks Zenta and his Phoenix Excel Program that I have used to check my calculations and done reverse engineering on. I have some minor problem when chancing direction and need to come up with a strategy for that but fist I am going to implement to read sensor data from the AX-S1.

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    Added new video to first page.

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    Re: The Machine an AX-12 based Phoenix

    Very nicely done.. Smooooth movements are cool.

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    Re: The Machine an AX-12 based Phoenix

    evilMacina: Very cool, Love the motions,Tempted to build one, but have to many projects at present.
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    Re: The Machine an AX-12 based Phoenix

    Very nice job

    Continue like this. can't wait to see what you will manage to do with this.

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    I have released the code for my hexapod under the MIT License and it can be downloaded from gitHub

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