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Thread: 2HV servo issues...:(

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    Re: 2HV servo issues...:(

    Quote Originally Posted by rpedro View Post
    ok, got it all going, and finishing tying the wires back... question, I downloaded the us version of the sample motions as the disc the robot shipped with is worthless... also is the robot always supposed to make a little noise???(sounds like servos...) and its making me nervous... it seems to me in certain motions the robot struggles... are my servos too tight??? also should I do what the manual says about the ICS settings on certain servos, they recommend changing certain ones from HARD to MID...
    thanks... I am getting there, but looks like a TON of tweaking...
    ok, it's been a while... but I'll try to answer, but droid works will probably have better solutions.

    - your home trim position is very important. To me this is one of the biggest downfall of kondo... makes no sense, it makes sharing and using files very difficult.... so if you can't get the sample motions to work, it's probably your home trim position out of whack.

    - making noise, yes it will make noise. The servos are trying to keep position, and always in load, even if it's not standing, it's carrying some weight just trying to keep position. If you have gyros in the mix, it will tend to shake, a lot more than just making noise.

    - struggle... yes it will struggle, especially when battery drains. It is difficult for the servos, working a lot of torque needed to keep position.

    -ICS... If I remember correctly, I have the legs all hard, to try to keep up with the torque needed for walking etc. Upper body doesn't need the same sort of power needed to keep balanced. I believe it can be changed per motion position.... but honestly it's been a long time since I've played with my kondo, so I don't quite remember.

    So yeah, LOTS of tweaking and playing around with. My method was a lot of trial and error, and thanks to help from robots-dreams Keep an eye on the battery level, when it's falling over a lot, it probably means battery is running low - not shut off yet, but just too low to keep up with the demands of servos to keep upright, especially in walks, or any sort of unbalanced moves.

    Hope that helps... droid works can take it over from here, he's much more knowledgeable about kondos than me


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    wow!!! thanks crabfu!!! I am getting there, just want to be sure I am on the right path... I appreciate all the help on this, and yes, I did get the sample motions to work!!! I just wanted to be sure I was doing it all correctly... thanks again... will keep you posted...

    hey crabfu, to try using your motions, I noticed they are not actual click files... where do I copy and paste those to work???
    thanks so much for all of your help...
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    Re: 2HV servo issues...:(

    The most important thing to remember is with any kondo bot the home position is the key to all motion files. If your home position is off even a little bit you will have problems with motion files. If you have a good home position any motion file should play just fine.

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    I think I have got him set home pretty good, I even used the manual that mentions using the built in guides in the legs,etc,,, any other recommendations on setting it up??? should I use the ICS settings at all like it mentions in the manual??? also, I read somewhere you can bring up a picture of the 2hv, and label all the parts instead of the channel #'s... any help would be great!!!

    how do you link more than one sample motion together??? I am trying to do a whole routine... also, man, battery life is kind of weak... I can't believe 12 hours to charge, and about 40 mins at most to play... after setting zero,etc, I dodn't have much time...looks like more batteries are in my future...
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