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Thread: C# Phidets Servo control demo

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    Semicton Guest

    C# Phidets Servo control demo

    removing my post.
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    Re: C# Phidets Servo control demo

    Awesome! Thanks for uploading it.

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    Re: C# Phidets Servo control demo

    A direct link to your download would help

    I'll take a look at it hopefully later on today and get back to ya!

    Thanks for sharing Husko.

    EDIT: Whoops, wrong link. Here's the correct one:
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    Semicton Guest

    Re: C# Phidets Servo control demo

    Hi again

    I've been playing around with my Phidget servo control and decided it would be a good idea to allow Phidget users to simply drag and drop an unlimited number servo controls onto a windows form and move them almost immediately with only a few lines of code as a sort of black box. The current version posted in the Data Center does this all within the form. People new to C# and phidgets might find it difficult to add additional servos to a project.

    This will allow new phidget developers to get any number of servos working in only a matter of seconds.

    In the next couple of months, I'll be brainstorming ideas on how to allow Phidgets users to record and move through a sequence of created poses with very little code and some neat movement options, as well as react to events of the control.

    So if you are new to C#, Phidgets or programming, or simply don't want to dig too deep into the details of C#, I hope I can deliver something much easier for you here real soon to replace the control currently available in the Data Center.




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    Re: C# Phidets Servo control demo

    +Rep from me! Looking forward to it!
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    Re: C# Phidets Servo control demo

    Video link down

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    Re: C# Phidets Servo control demo

    +Rep from me! Looking forward to it!
    YAY! thanks Adrenalynn hehe

    Video link down
    Sorry ooops. Some how the video was set to private. It should be working now.

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