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Thread: Walker with built-in Segway?

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    Walker with built-in Segway?

    I want to build a new robot!

    But it doesn't actually count as walker for 'mech warfare...

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    Re: Walker with built-in Segway?

    Where can I get those kinds of wheels, btw (perhaps smaller) with a fixed hub, not an axle?
    All the kid bike / trike wheels have axles, and I'd want to mount on a motor shaft.

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    Re: Walker with built-in Segway?

    I would not be surprised if they milled their own rims and cast the tread onto the rim. Very easy to do and not super expensive. Can even go with 3D printed hubs and molds like on several 250lbs class robots.

    If you must go 'off the shelf', usually have to buy a rim designed for mounting external sprocket or disc brake that rides on a solid axle via bearings and just connect the motor through a belt/chain. Otherwise go with a solid (molded plastic or cast metal) hub/rim and bearings, then press out the bearings and replace them with a spline/shaft adapter. Surplus Center sometimes has small-ish diameter wheels with solid molded rims ready to mate to a splined shaft.

    'Hoverboard' rims/wheels might be an option.
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    Re: Walker with built-in Segway?

    Oh, hoverboards!
    I can get motor and wheel all-in-one. Just hook up a three-phase controller and I'm ready to go!

    Maybe these wheels would be good for a higher-speed Money Pit, too?

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    Re: Walker with built-in Segway?

    Although the specs are hilarious:

    Voltage: 36V
    Load current: 0.6-0.9A
    Power: 350W

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