I just received my Odroid-XU3 (I was going to use the RPi2) board and installed the Ubuntu14 image on it. I was able to compile all of the Darwin code on it with no issues at all. When I went into the tutorial folder and ran the camera test, the image was upside down. I had to adjust the color on the video a bit but otherwise, the frame rate and the image quality was very good, it's just, upside down.

I ran guvcview to test the camera and the image displayed in it is in the correct orientation so I know it's not the camera or the drivers in Ubuntu.

I was poking around in the INI files for the video and also the LinixCamera.cpp to see if there was a line of code I could insert to rotate the image counter clockwise by 180 degrees and recompile the code, is that possible?

I am able to run the same exact code on a NUC running Ubuntu 14 server and the image comes out perfect, but, when I run it on the Odroid, or even on the RPi2 I was going to use, the image on both of those boards are/were upside down.