Hello folks. This is my first post even though I have played a lot with arbotix and dynamixels.

Alternatively this is about how to give an arbotix wifi (if you know any great ways .

I would like to trigger an arbotix-m chip using an mqtt server.

I have gotten it to work completely using softwareserial when motors are not running. I can turn the led on and off using messages, and I'm getting the messages through and can show them on the serial monitor.

But as soon as I try to trigger a motor movement the serial connection just drops. Sometimes it looks like I'm getting the same message sent to me many times. Either way, it stops working after (sometimes) the motor moves once.

I have tried the same thing using normal Serial rather than SoftwareSerial and the same things happen.

What do you guys think might be causing this?

As far as I understand it could only be two things.
*Voltage spikes (but I also tried running the esp8266 on it's own power supply with same results).
*The serial connection with the esp8266 stops working when the Arbotix has to start communicating with the motors.

Any advice is appreciated and happy midsummer from Sweden