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Thread: RX-28 doesn't move

  1. RX-28 doesn't move

    I am quite new to using Dynamixel actuators, but lately I got ahold of a Dynamixel RX-28, using arduino library ardyno( I managed to get the led to blink and even moved the servo. But few days later, I can't move it, code still makes the LED blink, but servo doesn't move. I have disassembled the gearbox and there was nothing wrong with it. Now I'm not sure what to do, does anyone here any idea what is wrong or what should I try? Here is the code I have used
    // This is a simple example to test communication with the motors
    // It should make all motor led blink once per second
    // Make sure to select the correct type of interface (hardware or serial, with or without tristate buffer)
    // and baudrate depending of your configuration.
    // Default baudrate is 1000000 (only hardware serial is capable of that speed)
    #include <DynamixelMotor.h>
    // direction pin, if you use tristate buffer
    #define DIR_PIN 4
    // software serial pins, if you use software serial
    #define SOFT_RX_PIN 3
    #define SOFT_TX_PIN 4
    // Use this for hardware serial without tristate buffer
    HardwareDynamixelInterface interface(Serial);
    // Use this for hardware serial with tristate buffer
    //HardwareDynamixelInterface interface(Serial, DIR_PIN);
    // Use this for software serial without tristate buffer
    //SoftwareDynamixelInterface interface(SOFT_RX_PIN, SOFT_TX_PIN);
    // Use this for software serial with tristate buffer
    //SoftwareDynamixelInterface interface(SOFT_RX_PIN, SOFT_TX_PIN, DIR_PIN);
    const uint8_t id=BROADCAST_ID;
    const long unsigned int baudrate = 1000000;
    int16_t speed= 512;
    uint8_t led_state=true;
    // Use broadcast address to affect all connected motors
    DynamixelMotor motor(interface, BROADCAST_ID);
    void setup() {
      motor.write(DYN_ADDRESS_LED, led_state);//1
      led_state = !led_state;
      uint8_t status=motor.init();
      motor.write(DYN_ADDRESS_LED, led_state);//0
      led_state = !led_state;
      motor.write(DYN_ADDRESS_LED, led_state);//1
      led_state = !led_state;
      // set to joint mode, with a 180° angle range
      // see robotis doc to compute angle values
      motor.jointMode(204, 820);
      motor.write(DYN_ADDRESS_LED, led_state);//0
      led_state = !led_state;
    void loop() {
      motor.write(DYN_ADDRESS_LED, led_state);//0/1
      led_state = !led_state;
      // go to middle position
      // move 45° CCW
      // go to middle position
      // move 45° CW
    In the code there are some repeating lines
     motor.write(DYN_ADDRESS_LED, led_state);//0/1
      led_state = !led_state;
    These were used to blink the LED on the motor, to see if code reached so far, but the LED blinked the whole time it was powered, so it did all of the code, without any big errors
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  2. Re: RX-28 doesn't move

    I managed to get ahold of an usb2Dynamixel interface. With Dynamixel wizard the servo was movable and there seemed to be nothing wrong with it. But the same code that once worked, still doesn't work. I changed my Arduino nano out with a new one, but it still didn't work. I will keep testing, hoping to find the problem

  3. Re: RX-28 doesn't move

    It seems the problem is fixed, one of the first things I tried was with another Arduino, but it seems they both were broken is some way. Because I plugged in a new Arduino Nano and the same code worked. It just seems weird, that I can control LED-s with previous Arduinos but not the motor, doesn't make sense. But atleast it works now

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