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Thread: Does this sub have a list of recommended robot kits?

  1. Does this sub have a list of recommended robot kits?

    I used to do robotics in college but that was mostly just "attach these 12v batteries to these pancake motors to these actuators and compete with it", pretty basic stuff for college level competitions. I haven't done any of that stuff in almost a year and want to get back into it, however, I want to program robotic arms for fun.
    to give you an idea of what I mean. But this kit looks like it has some weird GUI to make the programming easy. I'm hoping for some kind of guide that has actual example code, plus tasks to write code for, etc.
    I know I can do that stuff myself (have done it for a robotics class to program a small autonomous rover but the parts were really cheap which made it unenjoyable). But I don't really want to deal with buying all these plastic arm parts myself, basically wasting time in my learning.
    Any recommendations to get back into it? I'm willing to spend up to $300 on materials if I know I'm paying for quality.

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    Re: Does this sub have a list of recommended robot kits?

    $300 isn't that much for arms. The low-end hobby arm PhantomX is about $600. It turns out, interacting with the real world is quite expensive!
    It does come with an Arbotix controller that you can program using the Arduino IDE, though, so it's "real coding" and not just simple GUIs.

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