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Thread: The task (lawn mower topic)

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    Re: The task (lawn mower topic)

    I had mixed results with the 9 DOF IMU, while it seemed to repeat when the ICE engine
    was off, the values changed by 30 deg once the engine was running.

    So, I got a 6 DOF device(no magnetometer) and had very good results.
    without localizing I was able to complete 12 cycles
    (Zero turn + 90deg, go 100ft at 87 deg,turn 180 deg, go 100ft back, turn + to starting angle)

    I had a motor issue(brushes) so I looked around for replacement motor( the ones
    I have now I got from ebay for $175.00 four years ago), the only ones I could find
    that were the same as the ones I have were listed at $400.00 + free shipping.
    So I made him an offer of $250.00, he countered at $275.00.
    they just arrived(sweet!).
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_4769.jpg 
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    I checked the brushes in these motors and they looked new(even sweeter!)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	phonea.jpg 
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    Re: The task (lawn mower topic)

    Using the light and camera to offset for the gyro drift worked sweet.

    takes 6 seconds to get offset value because I cant run the camera when it's doing
    it's cycle(requires too much PC resources) .

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    Re: The task (lawn mower topic)

    Looks like it is working great!

    Would be fun to do, but probably would not work on my yard. Most of my mowing is doing rough trails, where at most I run over the same part of the trail twice. That is my mower deck is 5' wide and the trail in most areas is at most 8' wide. Also I need to at times adjust the height to avoid Rocks, Tree roots... Plus I spend probably more than half of my time cutting back berry vines and other brush that try to reclaim the trails.

    I wonder in your case, if it would be possible to have your automated mowing try to do something similar to what a human might do. That is when you complete a pass across the field, there usually is an obvious visual indicator where you mowed. At least when I typically have done it, which is usually a week later than when it needed it Most of the time you can see the track of the wheels.

    So wonder if you could use camera or the like to try to follow where the previous track was, offset by some amount... Just wondering

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    Re: The task (lawn mower topic)

    KurtEck, I could see a way to use cameras to track the last cut path using
    image filtering in some applications, but because of seasonal variations in
    grass cover I have not tested that approach.

    having a PC or micro controlling the height of a mower deck seems straight
    forward to me. I can see a way even with my Gravely 48" deck(height set by 4 pins) .

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    Re: The task (lawn mower topic)

    I'm going to have to rethink how I make the 180deg turn back to the starting location.

    It's making divots in the field(dragging inside wheel).
    Click image for larger version. 

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    which sucks, because I was getting a perfect overlap of last cut path.

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    Re: The task (lawn mower topic)

    While I'm pleased with the pace of this task, it's going to have to wait until next
    spring. Winter Is Coming, and that's a different project(Mule).

    Very fun task.

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    Re: The task (lawn mower topic)

    Move to California! :-D

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    Re: The task (lawn mower topic)

    Move to California! :-D
    jwatte, and miss playing with snow?. can't get my head around that.

    this season playing with snow is going to be even more fun(going to pick it up and move it, sweet!)


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    Re: The task (lawn mower topic)

    going to pick it up and move it, sweet!
    You make a compelling case!

    Anyway, if you want to train a lawnmower on what to do, based on what you yourself are doing, you might want to check out these latest contraptions:

    * (allegedly 10x faster than the TX2?)
    * (not open source, but they do have good Jetson support)

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    Re: The task (lawn mower topic)

    jwatte, handy winter reading(links above).

    While not pleased with the gyro stability in this application, was
    impressed with the implementation, easy to import to current software.

    the layout of the system I'm now using seems best for this task.
    1) point platform in general direction of light beacon.
    2) home all axis (X,Q)
    3) calibrate gyro
    4) press start.
    5) platform completes one cycle
    6) platform localize gyro offset with camera to light beacon and Zero X Abs
    7) platform Repeats if beacon found(pauses if not).......

    with this setup if the platform stops for any reason, to restart
    is just, point and click.

    this winter I may look at making my own gyro(I got some pictures in my head, and lots of space on top of the mower deck)

    Right now I'm checking around for one of these(image below)
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	swisher-recreational-vehicle-accessories-15714-64_1000.jpg 
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    this is the idea(photoshoped image)
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	idea.jpg 
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