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Thread: Problem with control of Dynamixel AX-12A by using MatLab

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    adamlevine Guest

    Problem with control of Dynamixel AX-12A by using MatLab

    I plan to work with Dynamixel AX-12A, which is connected to computer (Win64) by USB2Dynamixel. I use information from Dynamixel SDK Manual (item 4.6) for adding libraries in MatLab R2014a (it's files for DynamixelSDK-3.4.1), but when I run file "read_write.m", I got error:
    Index exceeds matrix dimensions.
    Error in
    (line 497)
    %unix machines return c and cpp
    compilers here
    Error in loadlibrary (line 253)
    [thunk_build_fn,preprocess_command]=getLoadlibraryCompilerConfiguration(ccinclude,hea der,headername,compilerConfiguration);
    Error in read_write (line 60)
    [notfound, warnings] =
    'dynamixel_sdk.h', 'addheader',
    'port_handler.h', 'addheader',
    Also I tried to add library as it's written in ROBOTIS e-Manual v1.24.00, but I have simular error.
    Could you help me, what should I do?
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    Re: Problem with control of Dynamixel AX-12A by using MatLab

    Sorry, I am not a matlab user so I don't know, maybe someone else up here might...

    I would suggest that you post issues like this up on the Robotis Forum:

    Their main forum person tries to answer most questions and/or direct you to where to get help.

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