Hi all,

Essentially what I'm looking to do is a comparison between some potential components for use in a 4DoF robot arm. The project I am working on is looking to "fix" an arm in the lab where I work. The components in the arm are presently the issue, as the transmission and motors (and potentially the bearings, EM brakes, and sensors) aren't ideal for the job. As such, various performance traits of the arm aren't up to the required level.

So, for each joint in the arm I will be looking to simulate different motors, transmission arrangements, etc. and assess the arm's performance for each change. First time I've done a task exactly like this, but have shortlisted a few pieces of software as a means to do this and have varying degrees of experience in each. Just wondering if anyone might have any suggestions on the best software to use for defining and changing component performance, or be able to suggest an easy way to go about this?

Any help and input on this would be greatly appreciated!