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Thread: Self balancing robot help!

  1. Self balancing robot help!

    Hi guys!

    Hope you can help me out with something.
    Im currently building a self-balancing robot as a hobby.

    So I'm using 2 stepper motors (nema17) along with a motor driver each (drv8825) for my project. The rated current of the stepper is 1.3A and the max operating current of the driver is 2A.

    The motor driver has a pot that allows you to change the current limit. Current limit = V * 2. So if I want 1A, then I have to set the pot to 0.5V.

    When I connect my power supply to one motor, it runs smoothly. However, when both motors are connected to the supply, one starts to hum and moves very slow and the other continues to move at a decent speed that I require. Please can you help me out.

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    Re: Self balancing robot help!

    What current is your power supply rate for? Maybe your pulling down your power supply running 2 motors.

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    Re: Self balancing robot help!

    Maybe the power supply is not filtered well, and trying to run two motors (with PWM?) will make it oscillate? What is the power supply?

    Maybe the signals driving the second motor aren't actually behaving the way you expect? Do you have an oscilloscope to check them with?

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