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Thread: multi versions tested still lost all tibias

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    Unhappy multi versions tested still lost all tibias

    I've got vids of my PhantomX MKIII (ax18, stock arobotix board) walking with both stock code and Phoenix... freaked out a bunch of friends (and pets)

    Playing with some bad/worn cables, then after reprogramming the arbotix board, no matter which version of the Phoenix code I load, the tibias never move in any walking mode. ONLY with a 'tall' stand up.... (L6+ right joystick) will the tibias move when nearly fully standing up. If I reload the stock nuke code ,all dynamixels (including the tibias) respond as expected.

    I reload the Phoenix code.... no tibia movement while walking _parts or full , even a few old revs...of the Phoenix code no tibias! WHAT THE HECK did I do to some support file somewhere?? I've dumped and reloaded Arduino 1.6.7 and 1.8.7 environments, re-downloaded all code from github... edited the usual tibdits I 'thought' were right.... WHERE DO I START LOOKING to figure out what I messed up! (am messing up) It really makes no sense since the trossen nuke version runs fine.

    In this vid you can see the tibias working just fine while walking sideways. on the bench. inital startup after a couple re-programmings of the arbotix board ...turn on the commander it stands, with no tibia movement. L6+ right joystick to stand up tall... (legs full extension) the tibias do move a bit. So signals are there, power is there, all dimensions, horn offsets etc are as stock (on github) so what do I look for????
    really bummed here.
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    Re: multi versions tested still lost all tibias

    wow.... no responses...found it though...stupid V2 ifdef...commented out all is well

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    Re: multi versions tested still lost all tibias

    Sorry but I don't follow this forum as religiously as I used to. It feels more like a ghost town as compared to what it used to be.

    Glad you have it working

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    Re: multi versions tested still lost all tibias

    not a problem. It seems this realm started around the time I started playing with uavs (fleet of 250s through 1100mm tri-bladed hexcopters) lots of autonomous sensing....seems we've all traded places now.

    I am a bit surprised much material is undated...multiple revs floating much ...left floating in the wind as far as dev goes.

    Search and rescue.... revamp plans for my 11kg big 1100mm 15" tri-blade hexcopter ...add hexapod legs.... fly in through canopy cover opening than walk over to survivors to deliver blankets, water etc ...but coding is sorely lacking comments and adaptability :-(

    Anyone ever put a Pixhawk (in rover mode) on a hexapod?

    yep...list come and go.... had thousands on lists I ran years back...quiet these days by comparison. Blame it on social media types lacking independent tech thought...easier to follow the masses than lead


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