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Thread: Four servo walker?

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    Four servo walker?

    lately I've been thinking about a way to make a four-servo bipedal walker.

    If I have one joint in the hip, one in the knee, and then balance on spheres at the feet, that should theoretically be enough to a) balance and b) walk and c) turn.
    The spheres would be quite close to each other, slightly to each side of the center of gravity.
    To balance, just fold the center of weight forward/backward.
    To walk, move the legs back and forth with the traditional lifting motion. Because there are spheres, I can calculate the contact movement as part of the IK.
    To turn, stand on both legs, and move them in opposite directions.

    Theoretically, this should be enough. For balance, I might want a fifth servo, to widen and narrow the stance, and/or one servo per leg at the hips for the same reason.

    Has anybody tried this?

    Also, would the MX-64T be fast enough to actually do this for real? (I'm getting 60 rpm, so 360 dps, so about 30 degree movement in 100 milliseconds if acceleration is counted.) Is there any way of figuring this out without just trying it?

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    Re: Four servo walker?

    Something like this, except with 3/4" bearing balls bonded to the bottom of the pipes:

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