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Thread: wow... how's this for a robot controller!

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    wow... how's this for a robot controller!

    hhmmm... two joysticks similar to the Commander (EG: playstation) complete with 8 pushbuttons...but an entire computer behind it. FPV camera on a bot anda vid window via a usb receiver...your dev environment right on your controller!
    could be REAL interesting!!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    nfi...just waiting for them to be avail!


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    Re: wow... how's this for a robot controller!

    Cute! 5.5" screen -- that thing fits in a pocket.

    You can't really "develop" on that size keyboard, though (I've tried, with portable wireless keyboards for Raspberry Pis, at RoboGames.)

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    Re: wow... how's this for a robot controller!

    agreed... but a usb hub, external wireless keyboard etc can change that...was thinking basically unlimited input mechanism for remote functions...can at least mod values/parameters of your code in the field while testing


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    Re: wow... how's this for a robot controller!

    The competition is a Raspberry Pi with an external touchscreen, or something like that. Those are slightly cheaper, and come in separate parts, which sometimes is more advantageous (because of mounting,) and sometimes is annoying (because it's unprotected.)
    The "it's a complete package you can put in your pocket" is the nice part! And the "it runs Linux or Windows instead of Android or iOS" is the other nice part :-)

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