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Thread: Get phidgets data to read in the form of joystick

  1. Get phidgets data to read in the form of joystick

    Basically I'm an artist who has been working in 3D graphics for the last 6 years. I have a great idea to use data from phidgets sensors as controllers for my animation. the problem is as far as I can tell I need each phidgets sensor to read as it's own virtual joystick. So I basically need for someone to be kind enough to point me in the right direction as far as getting phidgets sensor data to read as a virtual joystick.

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    Re: Get phidgets data to read in the form of joystick

    It would help if you started with which operating system you're using, and what software is going to read this virtual joystick.

    A Teensy microcontroller can easily be made to "look like" a joystick / game controller, and it can read many sensors, but the Phidgets have their own USB bridge that actually makes that harder to work with in this case. Does it actually have to be Phidgets?

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