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Thread: What university should I choose to develop robotics?

  1. What university should I choose to develop robotics?

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    Re: What university should I choose to develop robotics?

    Most larger colleges have computer science and mechanical engineering departments, both of which would give you useful skills related to robotics. However, some chools have more obvious "robotics" departments, so it kind of depends on what it is you are interested in. Is it the "smarts" that make the robot go? Choose a good CS department (UT Austin is okay!) Is it the mechanical movements/arms/joints/actuators/sensors? Mechanical engineering for you. Champaign, Ann Arbor, or CMU are good choices, but so is Texas A&M. Maybe you're more into the bits pushing the electrons around, making the actuators go, powering everything? That might be an EE degree. There are also specialized robotics programs at a few schools, but personally, I'd recommend going for one of the "basics" for undergrad, and then go for masters at a school that specializes directly in the specific bits you're interested in.

    Good luck!

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