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R-Team Robotics will be hosting the 2018 Tucson Mech Brawl, Saturday, December 15th, 2018 (may spill into Sunday as well). Its a low key event. We set up the arena in my garage (its a tight fit but we manage), hold a mini competition, try out any new rules, have a general good time, etc.. We'll be generally following the Robogames 2018 Ruleset.

There's an open invitation to anyone else out there with a Mech to join us as well for the Brawl. Tucson is generally nice in December. We can probably also come up with free room & board (for at least a few). If interested, post here or send me an email/message.

There's also a rumor going around, as has been mentioned elsewhere on the forums, that Robogames 2019 has been cancelled. We haven't been told (or seen) anything official yet on this, but tend to think it might be true. We're working on alternatives for 2019... if anyone has any ideas, please bring them up.