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    Hello, My name is Dave Cook, I'm a Mechanical Design engineer from Morgan Hill CA.
    I used to design drones before China took over. I remember being so amazed when I saw the original Zenta Phoenix hex project many years ago. I've always loved robotics.
    I'm a super DIY maker guy, designed and built my own 3d printers, CO2 laser cutter, CNC router etc (typical maker stuff right ?)
    I can load Arduino code, change a little of it etc. I have no idea how to code from scratch, Coding just never made any sense to me. I can understand a lot of the concepts but the syntax is WHACK ! lol my specialties are 3D modelling and photo rendering, mechanical design, system design, modifications, upgrades, integration.

    I have a 12 year old son that is recently interested in robots and just started with a after school robotics club building Lego Mindstorm stuff.

    I decided the buy the PhantomX Metal kit from Trossen so that him and I could learn to code together. It's a neat piece of kit, but right away I redesigned and 3d printed new femur and tibia, and relocated the femur actuator to be attached to the Coxa with a similar mount as Matt B, that instantly made everything go wonky lol, so troubleshooting that issue my son and I learned that by doing the modification we mechanically reversed the actuator lol.

    So him and I flew threw the code looking for a way to reverse the femur actuators lol. That was fun, we finally found where to make the change by reversing the "-" and adding the "-" to the proper femur range controls. did the Hex Test code and it worked great.
    That totally gave us a motivation boost.

    we are interested in dynamic terrain adaptation, smooth gait transition, Lidar, etc.

    Basically what Zentas' MXPhoenix is now able to do off road and on the stairs. So cool ! ( a dream to achieve)

    For the next step we will integrate the Pixy2 cam and try our Eric Lelly's code. He suggested to me last week that for now, instead of editing the robot code, to modify the commander coder, and use sensors to replicate the commander and have that control the bot until we learn some more concepts. that seems to make sense.

    Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself. This is all really cool stuff and very difficult for me. but it's exciting. I really need to end up learning how to code so I can close the loop on all my DIY projects that I rely on external coding help with lol.

    We have a lot going on so I have a feeling this will be a long project.

    Here is a link to my Google Photo album of the build and the changes

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	00100lPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20181120175426008_COVER.jpg 
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Name:	IMG_20181120_185623.jpg 
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    Looks great!

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