So I was planning on purchasing a MX-64T version however this was in backorder so here I am struggling with the MX-64R. I hope to be able to use MATLAB to code the MX-64R as well as 4 other simple PWM servos using an Arduino Mega. I have a MAX485 module that I am trying to use to do the TTL<-->RS-485 conversion, however I don't think I am getting it correct. I follow the schematic that the emanual provides:

And I use the example MATLAB code the SDK provides at: http://emanual.robotis.com/docs/en/s...ab-protocol-20 ;

However, I believe that this code is for the TTL version, since there is no control pin for the Direction485 high/low. Which is where the next problem comes in, if I call 'a=arduino();' and set 'writeDigitalPin(a,'D8',0);', I get the issue that 'Failed to open a connection at serial port COM3.' I have also raised an issue on the GitHub of the SDK which can be found here: https://github.com/ROBOTIS-GIT/DynamixelSDK/issues/267 ;

Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you.