This is my personal project Percival. It is a quadruped with 5degrees of freedom per leg and I am working on adding a sixth using a custom brushless motor controller.
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Percival currently has two gaits a diagonal pair gait and a crawl gait where it lifts one leg at a time. Theoretically it should be capable of swerve drive like a tachikoma but I have not soldered and programmed the custom drivers that would drive the sixth axis.

The chassis is currently laser cut parts and is held together by the bolts into the servos and scotch tape. The legs are standard plastic bioloid brackets with a laser cut frame for tibia to hold the motor that rotates the wrist. The assembly on the front is a off-the-shelf quadcopter gimbal that I am trying to link to the teensy through PPM or by replacing the controller with one of my custom drivers if they work.

The code is custom to the robot and written in Arduino using KurtE's BioloidSerial library. The first 3 joints are placed by basic trigonometry for a given point for the center of the wrist with the wrist defaulting to straight down relative to the body. If needed the last motors can be set to a given azimuth, elevation, and bank relative to the body. The gaits are currently periodic functions that output the positions of each leg relative to the body and the swerve code places each leg at a given point and adjusts azimuth, elevation, and bank.

I am working on adding an Orange Pi Zero running ubuntu core and ROS as a high level processor to run image recognition and navigation while still relying on the teensy 3.6 for real-time tasks.

I am interested in either adapting this robot or building a new one to compete in mech warfare.