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Thread: Hex M2 Nut Not fitting into Dynamixel AX-18A Servo

  1. Hex M2 Nut Not fitting into Dynamixel AX-18A Servo

    Hello All,

    I'm trying to follow the instructions at Step 4 of

    Specifically, i'm trying to slide in Hex M2 Nuts into Dynamixel AX-18A Servo but unfortunately the nuts are not fitting in. I can see the inner circle of the nut is not flush with the inner circle of the holes on the servo.

    Im afraid of hammering it in, lest i ruin or break the servo. I'm curious about a couple of things and would much appreciate help --
    1. How much pressure should I apply to the Hex M2 nut to get it into the servo? Should it involve hammering?
    2. The instructions are supposed to be for both the AX-12 and AX-18 servos but the photos show AX-12 servos, do both use the Hex M2 nut?


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    Re: Hex M2 Nut Not fitting into Dynamixel AX-18A Servo

    The AX-12 and AX-18 use the same physical size/enclosure -- the point is that you can interchange them!

    The M2 nuts should require firm but not hammering pressure to go in. It should go in with a "corner" inwards, and two "flat" sides parallel to the direction of pushing in.

    Note that nuts come in slight variation in size -- there are many standards, and many tolerance grades. If you bought the nuts yourself, you may simply have bought beefier nuts than what Robotis assumes/are using, and thus your nuts won't fit.

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