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Thread: controlling dynamixel mx-64at

  1. controlling dynamixel mx-64at

    Hello everyone,
    We are going to build a biped robot with wheels and we are currently seeking to find the best and easiest way to control 8 of the servos for the lower body (mx-64at). The first idea was to buy a rpi + u2d2 but we believe it would be hard to control the servos because we are beginners in the whole linux idea ( and because we are running out of time ). Is there an easiest way to control them?
    Also, we are thinking to use a pair of 3s lipo 11.1v batteries for the power supply of the servos. ( can we do it with only 1 battery ?! ) .

    Thank you in advance

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    Re: controlling dynamixel mx-64at

    A pretty easy way to control these servos is to use the OpenCM 9.04 board, and the Robotis library that has built-in functions for sending commands to the servos.

    A single 11.1V LiPo battery will work fine, assuming it has enough Amp-hour capacity to drive the servos for the time you require.
    Coupling LiPo batteries in parallel is somewhat dangerous, because they need to be in the same state of charge when you do it, else the higher-voltage battery will dump charge on the lower-voltage battery at a very high current which may cause enough heat to cause a fire.

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