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Thread: controlling dynamixel mx-64at

  1. controlling dynamixel mx-64at

    Hello everyone,
    We are trying to build a biped robot with wheels. For the control of the servos, we decided to use rpi+u2d2 but because we are new in the linux and programming idea, we are wondering if there is an easier way to control the servos.( maybe a more expensive controller which will make it more simple to control). We have basic knowledge in c programming.
    Also, we will use 14 dynamixels for the whole project and we decided that we need to power jump every 3-4 servos. We figure it out how to connect the servos with one battery but we don't really understand how the schematic will be with 3-4 batteries.
    We will be glad to hear your advises.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: controlling dynamixel mx-64at

    If you want to use multiple batteries, then you need to create custom Dynamixel hub boards.
    The board would pass the serial signal/s and the ground signal through, but would disconnect the 12V signal (center pin) on the input connector, and instead connect the battery to the outgoing 12V pin.

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