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Thread: Turtlebot3 with Openmanipulator

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    Re: Turtlebot3 with Openmanipulator

    I am so unhappy. The dynamixel-workbench will no longer compile, which make the arm dead. I hope they fix it, not sure how to get
    one of there programmers to look at what the hell he is doing? The code was working an compiled last week, so.....
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    Re: Turtlebot3 with Openmanipulator

    What does not compile? And Where? i.e. is there an issue building for Arduino stuff for the OpenCR board or a problem with ROS builds?

    Again I would probably first post up on Robotis Forum to get their attention:
    With as much information as possible to localize the issue. This will get the attention of their main forum person @willson

    Then depending on what parts are not working, I would post an issue up on the Robotis Github project

    And to get the attention of their developers, Probably one or more of the following:

    Good luck!


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    Re: Turtlebot3 with Openmanipulator

    hum, that last link may be useful, thank you.
    Yes the OpenManipulator uses the
    and, with out this the whole Dyamixel SDK is dead. You would think someone at Robotis would notice.
    I fell like calling them as this is not acceptable at all. (edit got a post from someone opensource and he is having the
    same issue after this last Ubuntu 16.04 update over the weekend.)
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    Re: Turtlebot3 with Openmanipulator

    God knows what happened, but I rebuilt Ubuntu and the ROS packages and everything is Okay now
    This was easier than running all them bug reports. (Note. Found if you are playing with the End Effectors/Grippers
    the servo can rotate around 180, you can just swing it back but it messes up slave/master operations and if you don't notice it,
    everything runs but the grippers can not sync so they just don't operate.
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