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    Was wondering about the Bioloid Premium Kit. Will there be an upgrade kit from the Comprehensive kit to get the updated CM510 and new design pieces, including the head with built in Zig? I was reading that it's the same AX-12+s

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    Re: Bioloid Premium Kit

    The comprehensive kit was discontinued many years ago and the Premium kit has gone through several revision/updates as well. There are no upgrade kits, but the individual parts are available from Robotis and Trossen. Assembly instructions should be available at the Robotis e-manual site, and there are only minimal changes to the legs and arms.

    Essential pieces:
    New torso box/frames:
    Hip adapter pieces (connect torso frames to pan hip servos):

    Polycarbonate chest and head pieces:
    Spacers used for mounting Robotis/Ollo sensors:
    CM-530 (an ARM/STM32 instead of AVR/ATmega2561 in CM-510 or AVR/ATmega1281 in CM-5):
    LiPo battery:
    ZIG-110, BT-100, etc.

    If you want to use RoboPlus, then the CM-530 and LiPo are necessary. Others have used different controllers like the OpenCM (similar ARM/STM32 as in CM-530, but cheaper and Arduino compatible), Arbotix, Teensy, etc. but few/none of them are compatible with RoboPlus although it is possible to convert RoboPlus Motion files into a format that can be used with a certain Arduino motion replay library.

    AX-12A servos are nearly identical to the older AX-12+, but have non-slotted holes in the mounting flanges for higher strength/rigidity, use molded-in-place nuts in the horn (no more nuts popping out/loose and needing the entire horn pulled off to fix it), and use a slightly different gearset that is not compatible with the older AX-12+.
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