I have been working on a new mech for about a month now, I just recently decided that I would name it the same as its predecessor - Immortal. Since I have a name I figured I should make a post to share what I have been working on. Its predecessor Immortal (V1) was originally a 16dof AX-12 based quad modeled very roughly after the Starcraft unit, the Immortal. Over several years of service I had done many changes to address the shortfalls of the design - such as turning it into a 8dof quad to reduce stress on the servos and upgrading the camera to 5ghz. A number of things were not feasible to update in the original design though. Here is the short list of the things I want to implement from 7 years of starting new designs and never following through.

More reliable gun(s)
continuous rotation turret
camera is always forward mode
higher precision turret control
Auto tracking targeting
Super fast
RX-24/28 based
Look really cool

Every time I have started working on a new design I always got stuck at the first item, more reliable guns. Thanks to Don for sending me his design which I used as a basis to design something that is reliable and small form factor. This is what the design looks like:

To be continued...