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Thread: Malum IK

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    Re: Malum IK

    First brackets are cut. Only ... lots more to go :-)

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    Re: Malum IK

    Also, if you're really sharp-eyed, you will note that the small holes in the edges don't have threads cut. Yet.
    Because my mill doesn't have a synchronous spindle and I'm too chicken to buy a $100 M2.5 thread mill just to break it on my first try ...

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    Those also look like really sharp edges... better to shred anything that gets too close I suppose.

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    Re: Malum IK

    You are giving me new meele weapon ideas ...

    (Don't worry, I've seen the rules about intentional damage :-)

    Yes, I didn't chamfer the edges, because I'm just holding them in a vise and there's no clearance around the perimeter.
    Given that it's aluminum, it won't cut skin. (Had I made this in carbon steel, that would have been a real concern!)

    I will hand tap the holes. There's more than 50 but less than 100 tapped holes total. I've decided to try mainly tapped holes and M2.5 screws, with as few nuts as I can get away with, for this build. We'll see if that's a good idea or not.

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    I've been meaning to ask what mill you use, or is it a homebuilt one?

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    Re: Malum IK

    I used to use a Tormach 1100 at the Tech Shop, which was a reasonable and affordable way to get access to metalworking tools.
    Then they went belly up (TechShop that is.) After much teeth gnashing, I looted the savings account and got a Tormach 440, with the enclosed cabinet. But maybe that's for the better, because I find I actually use it more than I did the remote machine! After all, it's right there ...

    The enclosure is quite important, as it allows me to do flood cooling, and also allows the mill to be literally feet from the washing machine, without getting too many metal chips into the family underwear ...

    Anyway, today's haul! (Also, some 3D printed parts)

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    Re: Malum IK

    Also, building the whole thing in Fusion, down to all little brackets and bolt holes, has already saved me from several oopsies. (Bolt holes with insufficient clearance, component placements that would interfere, and so forth.)

    I just wish Fusion had the nice "bolted connection" feature of Inventor, because I can't really actually get all the machine screws into their appropriate holes with appropriate sizes without more work than I'm willing to put in using rigid joints ...

    What's missing in the drawing is anything camera, the mounts for target plates, and the battery compartment covers.

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    Re: Malum IK

    Today's brackets. These are front/center, and are the feet that it will rest on when not walking. They also hold the battery tray, seen in the back right.

    These feet I could put nice edge chamfers on, because they are thicker and there's clearance against the jaws of the vise.

    I'll re-use the feet from Onyx X (2017) -- piled in the back of this picture.

    Add the tibia brackets (not pictured) and this is everything I need to actually walk, so that will be the goal for tomorrow!

    Separately, I'm 3D printing gun/magazine parts. The current design (heavily inspired by R-Team / Ghengis, thank you!) feeds alright but has a case where a BB can jam the agitator. I can probably tweak it to be less jammy.

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    Re: Malum IK

    No picture yesterday, because, well ...

    Also, broke a tap in a deep drill hole, then marred my vise jaws trying to get that tap out, then broke a drill re-making that part because I pressed the wrong button ("measure Z depth" instead of "set Z depth") and it wasn't even lunch yet. At that point I decided the day probably wouldn't recover.

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    Re: Malum IK

    OK, most sub-assemblies assembled and laid out. (Also working on the brackets for scoring panels and video, but I'm testing new work-holding strategies and seeing impressively bent parts when I push it too hard ...)

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