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Thread: MacBook Pro - USB desactivated when plugn FTDI-USB cable

  1. MacBook Pro - USB desactivated when plugn FTDI-USB cable

    I baught a Arbotix-M controller and wanted to set IDs of my Dynamixels.
    I also baught a FTDI-USB cable to can plug to my MacBook Pro (

    Problème is that when i plug the FTDI-USB cable to my compter, Mac OS say that USB device use too many energy and is disabled. So DynaManager can never see it.
    I try to put additionnal power supply (12v:5A) to Arbotix-M controller and put the switch to "FTDI" ... the green light turn on, but the problem is the same when putting the cable to computer.

    Tonight i will try with a USB external port using external power supply but i'm not sure it can change something ...

    Anyway have seen this problem or have any idea how to fix it ?

    Thank's for help

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    Re: MacBook Pro - USB desactivated when plugn FTDI-USB cable

    Yes the next thing I would try would be to use a powered USB HUB.

    I would also try plugging the FTDI cable into something else to make sure it's working.

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