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Thread: Maker Faire 2019 Mech Warfare (WMFNY in Queens on Sept 21 and 22)

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    No Fall 2019 Mech Warfare

    Attention all Mech Warfare competitors (Update as of 18 JUL).

    So I've received some disappointing news that I cannot host a competition at West Point this Fall.
    We will still introduce Mech Warfare to our club and we will fabricate our own arena, I just cannot "Host a competition" yet... Separately, I welcome guests that would like to come to visit with our team. Please! Please, bring your Mechs!!! It would be great to have any visitors to help inspire our students with your designs.

    Again, there will not be a Mech Warfare Event at West Point during September 2019. If you would like to visit West Point, I would be happy to host. Please send a note to
    [email protected] if interested.

    On a positive note, maybe MakerFaire has a little life left... and while it doesn't seem like they are going to be ready to support a Maker Faire Bay Area or World Maker Faire New York, some of the smaller faires are continuing. Maybe we can keep Mech Warfare going with the smaller venues?

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