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Thread: Maker Faire 2019 Mech Warfare (WMFNY in Queens on Sept 21 and 22)

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    Fall 2019 Mech Warfare (West Point in September!)

    Attention all Mech Warfare competitors (Update as of 8 JUL)

    With the help of R-Team Robotics, Mech Warfare will continue in New York in September. I will post updates here unless Don guides me differently. And instead of new posts, if I can update this post, I'll just keep relevant information here.
    As many know, as of 7 June 2019, the company behind Maker Faire and Make magazine has halted operations (Maker Faire halts operations and lays off all staff). Yet many Maker Faires continue. As of today, Maker Faire Kansas City continues on 22-23 June 2019 (Maker Faire: “The Greatest Show and Tell on Earth”). And plans for Maker Faire Rome in October continue ( However, Maker Faire NY and Maker Faire Bay Area were special in that the company staff personally ran their two "flagship" events. Maker Faire NY was supposed to have a call for makers this month but we are halfway through the month and I think alternative plans must be made...

    I am planning on hosting at West Point on Sept 28-29, 2019. West Point has officially published their academic calendar and an internal (Just Robot Competitors and thier supports / Not open to the public) event should work. If you've never seen West Point in the Fall, it is the best time of the year to visit.

    Noteworthy tasks accomplished:

    • Date proposed for September 28-29. Will set up on Friday night (Sep 27)
    • 2nd Draft of Mechwarfare Ruleset for Mechs & Tanks: Hoping for the second draft by the end of the month.

    • Established [email protected] as official email
    • Designed Arena Concept in Fusion
      • (Update) The arena size is estimated to be 14 ft x 21 ft with the current design

    • Decided on battles to be round-robin style where every contestant fights every other contestant
      • Example 5 robots:
        • 1 vs 4, 2 vs 5
        • 1 vs 2, 3 vs 4
        • 4 vs 5, 1 vs 3
        • 3 vs 5, 2 vs 4
        • 2 vs 3, 1 vs 5

      • Thus no issues with cross mech-tank battles. This may allow for best Tank, best Mech, best Rookie, etc... and overall most wins. Additional awards to be considered...

    Current Plan / ToDo's:

    • Acquire BB Speed Tester
    • <NA> Build sign and other poster boards <NA>
    • <NA> Secure TV(s) for scoreboard and FPV perspective <NA>
    • Secure fire extinguisher
    • Acquire 10 protective glasses for contestants
    • Borrow R-Team's Transponders for scoring matches

    I'm gladly taking advice on how to make this thing work! However, I remember R-Team's advice about continual improvements. The first arena will not be the best. It must just keep getting better. Lastly, no matter how many venues die on us, we must keep Mech Warfare alive.

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    Re: Maker Faire 2019 Mech Warfare (WMFNY in Queens on Sept 21 and 22)

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    Looks good. I plan to be there with at least one of my Mechs (maybe two if I can fit them into the same case)

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    Re: Maker Faire 2019 Mech Warfare (WMFNY in Queens on Sept 21 and 22)

    I'm really hoping I'll be there!
    (Close to my birthday, too; good reason to duck out of town :-)
    This time with less gun jamming.

    I couldn't see from the MW sketch -- what's the area of the arena? The initial MW arena was smaller than the current R-Team one, and it grew in size based on learnings AFAIK.

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    Re: Maker Faire 2019 Mech Warfare (WMFNY in Queens on Sept 21 and 22)

    I have been meaning to visit NYC - Count me in.

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    Yep, as I said in person, I will be there. Mikhail should be able to make it to I think. Hopefully with at least 2 mechs, since I can drive!

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    Re: Maker Faire 2019 Mech Warfare (WMFNY in Queens on Sept 21 and 22)

    Assuming the Princeton groups stays on task this summer, we'll be there with one mech.

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    Re: West Point 2019 Mech Warfare (Sept 28 & 29)

    I hope everyone can still make it to NY. Without World Maker Faire, we likely don't need to open the event to spectators at large. However, just locked in the plans with a seamstress and should have everything sewn starting in late August. I will have the speed tester, PVC, fabric, and screening ordered this week. Anything thing else I should get for the arena?

    What do you think? Are you still interested in visiting West Point?

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    Re: Maker Faire 2019 Mech Warfare (WMFNY in Queens on Sept 21 and 22)

    I'm hoping to be able to come. (Need to get serious about finishing my gun!)

    Btw, I find that the "edit the top post" mode of update is good for "what is the latest status" but bad for "what changed since last time?"

    Where is "git for forums" when you need it? :-D

    I think I have a pack of safety glasses (the narrow yellow kind) in the garage, that I could donate if you haven't already arranged to get them from elsewhere.

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