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Thread: Malum Gun Sub-thread

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    Re: Malum Gun Sub-thread

    Quote Originally Posted by jwatte View Post
    so I hope you don't feel like throwing water on a goose here ...
    No, I'm absolutely enjoying this...

    I took a perfectly good gun/hopper/loader design, that as giantflaw pointed out, one of our other club members spent countless time perfecting & that the rest of our club is using...

    Respun it in my own gravity fed design...using HEDs to eliminate the mechanical switches on the existing design & were a points of failure

    Respun it again in a different gravity fed design using a potentiometer to replace the HEDs

    Respun it again driving it open loop only and eliminated all feedback devices (but was still gravity fed)

    Decided I didn't like any of them them because they were gravity fed & slow

    Made the above screw loader design

    Decided I didn't like the screw loader design because it was larger than I liked and couldn't force feed the BBs and fire fast enough

    Made my current loader design but with a different hopper that sat next to the gun (actually had two separate versions) that eliminated any tubing that was needed to route the BBs. It fired fast and was reliable but...

    Respun the hopper to mount it in my body to lower c.g. and made the tubing hard and routed through my elevation rotation axis

    All of the previous designs worked well enough... but had occasional reliability issues... this last design seems to be working well with no issues (at least so far and the loader I've now used successfully for two years)

    I think I've finally got the bug out of me to tinker with the gun... glad to see your carrying on the tradition.

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    Re: Malum Gun Sub-thread

    Also: I found these:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	springs.JPG 
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    Not as artisanal a source as Ace Hardware, I admit, but their CAD models are pretty nice!

    Cutting a 7.7mm diameter, 3mm pitch left-hand thread in a 6.5mm hole using a quarter-inch thread mill makes for a very nice channel to wind this spring into as a flexible outlet once the BBs are all in a nice channel, so my initial requirement for fixed connection between magazine and breech is now a bit more ... flexible.

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    Re: Malum Gun Sub-thread

    Not giving up on this. Just too busy at work to make post-worthy progress.

    A dual-start worm screw, perhaps?

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