Several months ago i bought a used i-sobot on ebay, for my son. When i got it, it worked fine, so i removed the batteries and put it away. Yesterday, i decided to wrap itfor Christmas, so i put batteries in it and decided to try it out to make sure it was working correctly.

For some reason, the left arm is now 180 out, when he stand in a normal position, his left arm is up instead of down like the right arm. When I put him in the zero position, the left arm is facing backward, and there is not enough adjustment in the clamp to make it correct. He executes punches and chops correctly, and he performs his startup routine correctly, but the left arm always returns to the straight up position.

Its almost like the software has somehowe lost the proper coordinates for the home position of the left arm.

Does anyone know if there is some type of master reset that will return him to factory specs?

Does anyone have any other suggestions as to what I can try?

Does anyone know if there is a place that repairs the i-sobot?