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Thread: Dynamanager finds mx-28t but not mx-106T

  1. Dynamanager finds mx-28t but not mx-106T

    Hello I am new here, I just received my first three dynamixels, and an Arbotix-m board. I was successful naming the two mx-28t motors to id 2,3. Dynamanager will not see the Mx-106T however. Wouldn't be a big problem except that because it could set the Mx-28t motors, it set the baud rate of those to 1000000, and the 106 is still at 57600. I was unable to use dynamanager 1.3 for some reason. So I had to use 1.2 from github.

    The motor responds to example code from the Artibox library, as long as I set the baud to the factory default. I either need to set the mx-28 back to factory with the new id numbers, or get the 106 into the manager. Any help would be very much appreciated.


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    Re: Dynamanager finds mx-28t but not mx-106T

    Are you using "Dynamanager," or the specific "Dynamixel Manager" program that's part of the RoboPlus download?

  3. Re: Dynamanager finds mx-28t but not mx-106T

    I am having the same problem. Dynamanager1.3 does not start up under Windows10. With Dynamanager 1.2 I can set ID for MX-28 and AX12 but not MX-64. The current servo ID briefly shows up and then disappears immediately.

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    Re: Dynamanager finds mx-28t but not mx-106T

    My guess is they are using? ?

    If it were me, I would probably convert to use something else as I don't believe there is anyone left at Trossen who has worked on this...
    1.3 released in 2016...

    Also not sure what hardware/software you are using here... Arbotix? Running on ?

    MX-106? What version of firmware? Is it running Protocol 1 or Protocol 2? My guess is Dynamixel Manager knows anything about protocol 2...

    Good luck

  5. Re: Dynamanager finds mx-28t but not mx-106T

    @KurtEck Yes dynamanager. I tried different versions 1.2 and 1.3 under Linux, Windows, MacOS.
    What is the alternative software to configure the ID of Dynamixel servos with the Arbotix board?

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    Re: Dynamanager finds mx-28t but not mx-106T

    Personally I would use a different controller than Arbotix-m as, currently there is almost no support for it.

    Don't know how you are configured. Still back with Arduino 1.0.? or up at or near the current Arduino 1.8.10? Again Trossen never released an official set of software since 1.0.6ish version of Arduino. There was a beta version and most of us have setups that work on the current Arduino releases. And I personally no longer look at or setup to use the really old stuff (1.0.6)

    I have my own versions of stuff that I have used. Example: I believe user @tician still has a board manager setup to add Arbotix boards, which is mentioned in different places on the forum.

    I have my own version of the Bioloid library: which allows it to work, and at one point I added some protocol 2 support.

    I have my own simple random stuff sketch( which runs with most of this stuff and has some simple cryptic commands, including setting a servo's id...

    Again personal suggestion would be to get a different Servo controller:
    Example: OpenCM9.04c with an OpenCM485 expansion board. Then you can use all of the software and libraries which are supported by Robotis. And/Or if you are mainly doing stuff on PC, get something like: U2D2 which again they fully support. And these days they mainly support it when it comes to using their PC software to update servo firmware or configure servos.

    Good Luck

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