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Thread: Maker Media shut down

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    Maker Media shut down

    So ... no Maker Faire New York, I guess? :-(

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    Re: Maker Media shut down

    Ya.. several other web sites are reporting the same story. The rumor is they have suspended operations, laid off all employees, but have not declared bankruptcy. Potentially a restructuring of some sort? Maybe the regional Faires will stay solvent? Who knows...

    My guess at this moment is no MFNY for 2019. I've talked with James at West Point. He still plans to continue building his Arena and hold an event at West Point of some sort in the fall if no MFNY. It would probably just be a private event (no public), but open for those of us who still want to attend. Dates are still TBD.
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    Re: Maker Media shut down

    GhengisDhon, Thanks for the quick reply. I didn't want to jump in too soon as I was hoping to hear more about the situation. I believe you have it correct: "Featured" and "Mini" Maker Faires are continuing but nothing new about the "Flagship" Maker Faires has been announced.

    jwatte, As for going forward. I still plan to create a woodland arena and I plan to host an event in September 2019. I may have it open to the public, but I do not plan on advertising beyond this page. While West Point is an open base, a visitors pass is required and access to academic buildings requires an escort. These challenges are easy to overcome but they don't scream open to the public. At least not yet while I still have a lot to accomplish and wonder if another venue like Maker Faire or RoboGames is possible...

    As for the date... September is a good month, but the weekend of 21-22 will not work for guests on West Point. Army hosts a Morgan State in football that weekend. You do not want to be at West Point on a football weekend if you are not attending the game!!! Once the academic calendar is posted, I'll lock in the date.


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    Re: Maker Media shut down

    RoboGames seems highly unlikely, given that it didn't happen this year ...

    I'm game to visit West Point! Looking forward to see what happens.

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    Re: Maker Media shut down

    Dang. Well, keep us posted! Thanks for plugging along with this despite setbacks.

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