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Thread: DJI releases RoboMaster S1 - Robot tank

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    DJI releases RoboMaster S1 - Robot tank

    It can shoot gel based beads. Not too far off from a mech warfare robot really. I wonder if it could be an very accessible way to get into mech warfare?

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    Re: DJI releases RoboMaster S1 - Robot tank

    Look at that delicious injection-molded plastic gimbal!
    I wonder if it's separable enough to use on its own? And what the control electronics are?
    Also, seems quite comparable to a mech:

    • Weight

    • Approx. 3.3 kg
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    Re: DJI releases RoboMaster S1 - Robot tank

    they claim it is modular. the gimbal, being DJI, should be stabilized using brushless motors. but that also mean the whole baggage of the controller that goes along with it.

    (btw, hi, I am new. got interested in MW from attending MF2019 last month. )

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    Re: DJI releases RoboMaster S1 - Robot tank

    Welcome jmpsmash!

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