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Thread: Dynamixel U2D2 with SBC?

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    Question Dynamixel U2D2 with SBC?

    I am an engineering student doing some robotics projects for one of my professors. I am still pretty new to the whole robotics scene, so any information or direction related to my question is greatly appreciated.

    I am looking to use a Raspberry Pi 3B+ to control the servos in a PhantomX Reactor Arm. Power delivery aside, I'm aware of the USB2Dynamixel and the USB2ax, both of which are shown as discontinued. I found the Dynamixel U2D2, which appears to be a successor to the previous two and suitable for my use case, but in the emanual it doesn't explicitly mention compatibility with SBCs.

    I saw both the Dynamixel SDK and the Dynamixel workbench as software solutions that are compatable with the U2D2, however I am not totally sure how to get started with either. The SDK seems rather hardware and language agnositc, and looks like it would work well with my configuration.

    Has anybody else tried this or something similar? How might I go about approaching this problem?


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    Re: Dynamixel U2D2 with SBC?

    The device is a USB serial port converter plus some electronics. It should work just fine with anything that has a USB serial class driver, especially if it runs Linux. The Pi should be fine.
    Whatever software comes with it might or might not work on Linux. RoboPlus and Dynamixel Wizard don't, but if you find support for Dynamixels in ROS, that will genearally work.

    If you're on a "smaller" device like the Teensy or Arduino or whatever, another option is to use a built-in UART, and wire up the appropriate RS-485 bus driver yourself. It's not that hard, and lets you customize the system more, assuming you're good with both the software development part and the EE part of that equation.

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