It's been a while since I was actively involved in Robotics. My passion hasn't changed but sometimes life's priorities do.
I feel like Rip Van Winkle, just awakening from a decade long slumber.
On one hand I am a little disappointed, 10 years ago I hoped that everyone would have personal robotic "servants" by now. Mundane chores like grass mowing, laundry and vacuuming would only be done by bots and the die hard purest. I really thought that cyborg type implants would be here, I could really use an email, spreadsheet, and word processor implant myself and will gladly wait in line when they become available.
The other area that I expected to progress faster than it has are the sensors and motor drivers. Oddly enough the MaxBotics sonars, the Sabertooth motor drivers, the Sharp IRs, just to name a few of the parts that have been waiting patiently in the parts bin for ten years for me to get back to them are the same parts that seem to be preferred now.

So what has changed?
Obviously the Raspberry Pi has been a game changer. I remember being excited about the Pico ITX, they were "tiny" at the time, little did we know. The Arduino had just started catching on then, but "serious" robot enthusiast were using the Axon, which by the way has been from what I can tell mostly unchanged in that time frame. I am pretty sure I can be quoted as saying "why limit yourself to 17 I/Os when you can use 55". Obviously, I would never expected the Arduino to catch on like t has.
Which brings me to the biggest difference between now and 10 years ago, it is the "open source community". By "open source community" I am referring to things like GitHub and YouTube, which I attribute to the Arduino popularity but forums like this one also played a part in making robots, and electronics accessible to anyone.
Having looked back over this forum for the last 10 years to see what I missed I am excited and inspired to be a part of it again.

For the record, I not only still have my Trossen Robotics "I build Robots" shirt from way back then, but I still wear it proudly.