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Thread: Camera for Arbotix-M?

  1. Question Camera for Arbotix-M?


    I'm a student working on a college campus and I'm looking for a camera that can be connected to a Arbotix-M.

    We're starting up some workshops where we use Phantom Hexapod Mk-III's, and we would like to have some cameras streaming video to a cell phone or laptop.

    Any recommendations would be appreciated.

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    Re: Camera for Arbotix-M?

    The arbotix-m is not like a raspberry pi or similar boards. You can't connect a camera to it.

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    Re: Camera for Arbotix-M?

    If you want a camera streaming to a cell phone, get a GoPro with built-in streaming/wifi support.

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    These cameras can be flashed with a beta firmware so they stream directly to a browser or you can use them to stream to a cellphone with their app. It's not what you are asking for maybe but it will stream to a cell and it's a lot of bang for the bucks.

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