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Thread: Power for eight (8) Dynamixel XM-430-W350-R

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  1. Question Power for eight (8) Dynamixel XM-430-W350-R

    Well. We need a robot on wheels capable of positioning quite accurately on the plane.
    The four-wheel drive and independent steering offers omnidirectional behaviour. The design seems "easy", relatively simple, and intuitive. Link

    We have decided to build this design. We have planned to work with 8 XM430-W350-R .However the Robotis technical service tell us.:
    " If you are running all 8 XM430-W350-R at the same time, I'd recommend to have at least 15A peak current supply."

    Effectively. It is very possible that there are times when all 8 engines are running at the same time.

    We are not electrical engineers but computer engineers with forgotten electrical notions.


    The Robotis cables(and Dynamixels) support/resist that amperage (15A)?

    2. How would you distribute the power? What would be your power design?
    a) a unique SMPS 12V 15A (4 traction motor+4 direction motor)
    b) two SMPS 12V 10A or so...for two sections 2x(2 traction motor+2 direction motor)
    c) a unique
    SMPS 12V 10A with two outpus... 2x(2 traction motor+2 direction motor)
    d) four SMPS 12V 5A 4x(2 traction motor+2 direction motor)
    ?? ) Another options? What is the best option?

    3. We will work with cable but we want a autonomous robot.too. The robot
    may have to move between five and eight kilos. A laptop, metallic structure,... We have 4 LIPO Battery 11.1V 1800mAh LB-012. Are the adequate? Too weak?
    What battery do you recommend for this type of application with these requirements and performance? Could you indicate a specific model? What time of autonomy would be expected with a moderate use of the motors?

    Thank you very much for the help!

    How would you distribute the energy?
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