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Thread: Hexapod for a beginner

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    Re: Hexapod for a beginner

    Quote Originally Posted by minim View Post
    Maybe it's not allowed to ask about other user groups/discord/irc/forums that is more active than this? I do a lot of reading to get into this hobby but I find it strange that there is no place with massive activity. Robots is the future
    Certainly allowed to discuss other communities! If anything, this community and others used to be more active. These days, apparently, kids just want to be youtube/twitch stars.

    Those of us here are old farts, instead (not really). We used to have an irc, here, too. That said, I think cire said he'd get a slack or discord going, when conversation on this topic came up at Robogames a few months ago... I'll have to ping him about that.

  2. Re: Hexapod for a beginner

    Good I'm just reading through stuff and trying to keep it to the newer threads as I imagine things move fast in this business and then there is not a lot of activity here. I guess you are right. Really sad that it's like that.

    Do that. A discord/slack would be just as good. I guess irc is as outdated as me

    Having that said.. It's nothing wrong with the forum but I just would have thought that it would be more activity in the robot design/building community these days.

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