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  1. Hexapod for a beginner

    I've done some reading on this forum before joining and I'm still not sure what the best choice would be so I'm making my own thread.

    I'm a automation engineer with experience in PLC programming with both text based code and ladders. I wan't to evolve my programming skills and I really like the look of the hexapods like PhantomX so I thought why not combine those two. I got very little C++ experience but I would prefer a system involving C++.

    My issue is how to approach this. I like the building process and making stuff from scratch but there is really a ton to learn about these bots and from what I can tell a lot of pitfalls. Would I be better off getting a PhantomX or similar to learn and understand how they work and to learn about the limitations or would it be better to buy separate components and make most of the bot myself? Is it mission impossible to try to do all the hardware work for my first bot on top of learning everything as I go along?

    Should I go "all in" with proper servos for a first build or is it better to just go with a budget rc-hobby servos and train/evolve on a cheap rig? Another aproach could be deciding on servos like the Dynamixel XL430-W250-T that I can use on a PhantomX and then get 3 of them and a Teensy 3.6 (or whatever is good now since the 3.6 is kinda old), 3d print or machine parts for a robot arm and start my training there before going onto the PhantomX.
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