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Thread: 4 Dof Hexapod Torque calculations

  1. 4 Dof Hexapod Torque calculations

    Hello all,

    I am currently off from college and I am trying to calculate the torque acting on a 4 DOF hexapod has anyone already done this or can help as I'm running in circles with it.

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    Re: 4 Dof Hexapod Torque calculations

    Each joint can be individually calculated as if all the other joints are stiff, so I get pretty close by measuring the distance to the base points and the center of mass / weight of the body between the joint and that base point.

    For example, a joint that's right above a foot, actually should get no torque, just down-force, as long as the other joints are rigid.

    This isn't 100% accurate, though -- you really need a CAD package with 3D force/torque analysis to do that.

  3. Re: 4 Dof Hexapod Torque calculations

    Thanks, yeah I think I am doing it right just not had the time to get it done on paper.

    I'm using Solidworks to do my modelling can this be used to torque cals but unsure how to go about so need to play about, what software do you use?

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