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Thread: 4 Dof Hexapod Torque calculations

  1. 4 Dof Hexapod Torque calculations

    Hello all,

    I am currently off from college and I am trying to calculate the torque acting on a 4 DOF hexapod has anyone already done this or can help as I'm running in circles with it.

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    Re: 4 Dof Hexapod Torque calculations

    Each joint can be individually calculated as if all the other joints are stiff, so I get pretty close by measuring the distance to the base points and the center of mass / weight of the body between the joint and that base point.

    For example, a joint that's right above a foot, actually should get no torque, just down-force, as long as the other joints are rigid.

    This isn't 100% accurate, though -- you really need a CAD package with 3D force/torque analysis to do that.

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