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Thread: double eagle AEGs out of stock?

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  1. double eagle AEGs out of stock?

    It looks like no one online has Double Eagle gearboxes in stock. The nearest I can find in price are ~$60USD. Is it normal for the supply to dry up or do I need to do some serious searching for cheap gearboxes?

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    Re: double eagle AEGs out of stock?

    I think the gun that the double eagle is based on is pretty old in the airsoft scene by now. Like most consumer markets, that market seems to work on trends and new products ...

    Many gearboxes have a similar form factor, so you should be able to find "something," but "something affordable" is a bigger challenge.

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    Re: double eagle AEGs out of stock?

    Does look like they are getting more scarce.

    I did find one for sale on Amazon:

    And several people selling then on ebay... but they appeared to all be from Hong Kong

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    Re: double eagle AEGs out of stock?

    In case that one does eventually stop being available, another viable gearbox is usually sold as the Well R2 VZ61 Scorpion gearbox, or some permutation of those names. It's a bit heavier but less fragile. CURC used (and probably still uses?) it, and I have as well. It is also a bit of a pain to find online, but seems to still be available. Definitely more expensive.

    A nice advantage of it is the availability of an off the shelf hopup and barrel assembly designed to mate with it. One less tightly dimensioned part to design and fabricate.

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