I am a college student working on a project from an upcoming event.

The project I'm referring to is getting the Phantom Hexapod Mk-III to initiate a walking sequence with the push of a button on the Arbotix Commander.

So far I've scoured Google for any similar projects specific to hexapods, to this end I have found a few different avenues that would allow me to complete this project. However with my completely limited knowledge in programming, I'm finding it very difficult to get a foothold with those same strategies.

I've attempted to use PyPose to create a walking sequence (and then maybe somehow map that sequence to a button on the Arbotix Commander?), however installation attempts through these pages:


has resulted in error messages when trying to run PyPose, as well as registry errors when opening PySerial. In my attempts to fix these issues with my good pal Google, I find posts to forums detailing fixes, these fixes result in other errors which lead me back to forum posts, and eventually I'm in my own little loop.

I've attempted to modify the demo code on the Trossen Robotics website (Using Arduino IDE 1.0.6) found here:


to no avail.

Should I write my own program?
Could I use DYNAPose?
Is this project out of my reach due to my inexperience?

Put simply, how can I map a button on the Arbotix Commander to make the Mk-III Hexapod walk in a straight line?

Any input is appreciated